Podcast Episode 5-Rule of Three

How do rooms styled by designers look so good?   You look around the room and everything just seems to just flow and feels balanced.  It’s perfectly styled and accessorized and everything is placed in just the right place. You’re probably wondering what they did to make it look that way so when you style your home it looks just as put together.  The good news is, your house can look that good, like it was professionally styled…if you follow this really important design rule.  Are you ready to dive in?

What to listen for in this episode:

  • The problem with “Show and Tell” designers online
  • What the Rule of Three is
  • Why our brains like things in groups of three
  • Symmetry and assymetry in design
  • How to use the Rule of Three with color in your home
  • How to use the Rule of Three with accents and accessories
  • Easy style tips that you can try today

Links and images:

Rule of Three Blog Post (has lots of helpful images to see from this episode)

Episode 1: Color Palettes

Custom wood wall in a coastal foyer-Design by Sally Soricelli, Nestorations
This space used to be an awkward unused nook at the back of my client’s family room. We created this custom built-in bookcase that added needed storage and showcased family photos and decorative accents.

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