Podcast Episode 1-Color Palette

If your home is missing a color palette, then designing and decorating it is going to be WAY harder than it needs to be AND you might never feel like your home is that relaxing retreat you want it to be. So, let’s dive in and see how color palettes can give your home that designer look, make it easy to shop for, AND help you feel less stressed at home.  

What to listen for in this episode:

  • What a color palette is
  • Why you need a color palette. Why is having one SO important.
  • How a color palette makes designing and decorating WAY easier.
  • How many colors you should have in your color palette (and why it’s the right number to have)
  • Different ways to help you choose your home’s color palette
  • How a color wheel can help you 

Links and Images:

Cpastal farmhouse color palette
Scallop tile color palette
Coastal Farmhouse Color Palette
Coastal Farmhouse Color Palette
Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom Design
I match the color palette of this bathroom:)
A color wheel example

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Soft blues, browns and whites in this home office.
Office Design Blue and white
A bolder color scheme that works with the rest of the house that has lighter blues.
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