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Design in a Day

Get fast results in your home working side-by-side with a designer

Scared of making the wrong choices?

If you’re nervous to make some big decisions in your home and wish you had expert help, then Design in a Day is the perfect solution for you.  
Get exclusive access to work with a designer without the larger commitment or investment of Full-Service interior design. 
Client led.  Designer supported.
Nestorations-Designer for a Day interior design services

No need to feel stuck anymore

Imagine the results you’d get spending a whole day with an interior designer.  We can solve your design problems quickly and create a space that you’ll love.  Stop worrying about your home and start loving it.  

Use Design in a Day to:

  • Select materials for your kitchen remodel (cabinet colors, countertops, backsplash, etc.)
  • Shop for all furniture in your room and make sure the sizes and colors are right
  • Select materials for your bathroom remodel (tiles, faucets, cabinets, lighting, etc.)
  • Reconfigure the layout of your room for better function and flow
  • Get help choosing flooring, fixtures, and paint colors for your home
  • Choose new lighting for your home that’s the right size and style
  • Get help designing built-ins and wall moldings
  • Style and accessorize your home
  • Shop together so you can confidently buy pieces for your home
Design in a Day is a quick, easy, and accessible solution if you’re ready to take action and don’t mind “rolling your sleeves” up a little bit to get the results.  It’s the choose your own adventure option that gives you flexibility and freedom to work on what you need when you need it the most
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With Design in a Day You'll Get...

How it Works...

Step 1

Once you book Design in a Day we’ll meet for your consultation and talk about your home.  Then, I’ll prepare for our day together.

Step 2

Time for our action-packed working meeting.  We’ll work together to solve your design problems and shop together to update your home.

Step 3

After our day together, you’ll get a shopping list and directions to complete your space. Cheers & celebrate your new, updated home.


“I liked my home, but it really needed an update.  I wanted a partner who listened, was knowledgeable, and could help me make decisions.  Once we met, I didn’t have any hesitations about working together. Your suggestions are not only thoughtful but spot on.  And you could take what I said and turn it into a good plan for my home. The total transformation is working wonderfully and I get many great compliments about my new decor.  You’re always cheery and fun to be around but most importantly-you know what you’re doing.  I’m very thankful that we started working together and for your creativity and sincere desire to help people enjoy their homes.”

Susan | Solana Beach, CA

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Hi...I'm Sally

I solve design problems and create timeless, livable homes for busy homeowners just like you.  Think of me like that best friend that comes over, sits on your sofa, and helps you solve your design dilemmas.  With a little straight talk and hand holding we’ll create the home you’ve always wanted.  Get ready to finally love your home and have your neighbors green with envy.  


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It's really easy to get started

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Frequently Asked Questions

No worries!  Working with a designer shouldn’t be intimidating and certainly won’t be with me.  I’m east coast organized and west coast laid back.  We’ll tackle this journey together and I’ll be here to guide you through the whole process.

After your free 20 minute discovery call, we’ll schedule an in-person design consultation to talk about your home and decide on what areas you’d like to work on and I’ll prepare for our working session. 

Next, we’ll spend 6 hours together taking action on your home.  If it works better we can break the 6 hours up into two consecutive days. We can start at your home and then shop together in person or online.  You’ll make all the purchases yourself (with my guidance of course) and if time permits we can bring things home and put everything together in your home.  Then, after our time together I’ll send you any directions and shopping lists that you’ll need to finish your space.  Design in a Day is the perfect solution to take action confidently and move forward with your home.  

I get it-interior design is an investment in your home.  But, it’s an investment with many benefits.  A designer saves you time by sharing her knowledge and expertise.  A designer saves you money by helping you avoid costly mistakes.  Designers help solve your home frustrations by finding solutions that work for you.  Designers also have access to countless resources to make your home more functional and beautiful.  

A well-designed home has many emotional benefits such as bringing you joy coming home each day, as well as a sense of pride, peace and comfort.  Not to mention, good design increases the value of your home making it worth more and easier to sell in the future. 

Interior design is a personal business.  Other than your family, your home is one of the most personal parts of your life.  It’s where you create memories, recharge, and relax.  It’s your safe place.  Have confidence knowing that we’ll work together to create a home you’ll love.  You deserve it.

Absolutely!  In person is always easier, but you’d be impressed by what we can get done over a Zoom call.  You’ll have to take some measurements and photos before our session together but I’ll walk you through that so you’re ready for our time together.

Yes, although I only take on a select amount of clients because my priority is providing high quality, one-on-one service.  I do have a wait-list for clients who want to get on my calendar.

Design in a Day is only $1397.  In addition to our 6 hours of actionable time together, I spend time before and after our working session preparing and delivering materials to help you solve your design problems and get the best design for your space.  And a one hour design consultation (valued at $297) is included with Design in a Day. 

I strive to make sure my clients are 100% satisfied.  Rest easy knowing I will do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If after your Design in a Day service is completed and you’ve received your deliverables, you’re still not satisfied, I will give you a full refund of $1397.


Before we met you our home wasn’t pulled together and was just pieces of furniture placed in a room.  It didn’t have any character.  We worried when hiring a designer that she would design our home to her taste and not help us develop our own taste.  But once we met you, those fears completely went away.   Your “no pressure but great ideas” approach brought ideas we never would have thought of and our home is finally pulled together. You have the ability to find just the right thing for a spot, and to tell us if something doesn’t work. On top of having our home look great, we have so enjoyed your friendship.  That part is a huge bonus!

Deborah | Solana Beach

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to finally take action on your home.  Let me help you.

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