Episode 4 DIY Design Tips

After many years as an interior designer,  I’ve seen a lot of design mistakes.  And maybe you’ve made a few yourself (I know I have).  With my clients, so many of them seek out my services and want to work with me after they’ve made mistakes, and I wish they knew to get help sooner so they could’ve avoided all that wasted time and money. 

So today we’re going to talk about 6 must know DIY design tips or best practices.  The 6 tips will help you avoid expensive design mistakes saving you time and money when updating your home. Let’s dive in so you can confidently DIY, without ending up with a DUD (dud).

What to listen for in this episode:

  • How patience is your friend when it comes to home design and decorating
  • The famous saying that will save you money and help you avoid bad decisions
  • Why you need blue painter’s tape when designing your home
  • How knowing your design style can help you
  • Store clerks aren’t the only ones who should take inventory.
  • How your home habits impact your design
  • What to do when you’re over your head

Links and images:

Note taking apps to keep your home measurements and photos: Google, Trello, Milanote

Use blue painter’s tape to layout and meausure furniture and art before you buy.  See examples below.

Use Painters tape to map out art
Painter's tape to lay out furniture
Use blue painter's tape to layout a custom built in so you can visualize the size
Mapping out a built-in helps you visualize the size so you get used to it.

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