Ep7 Design Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes, right?  But home design and decorating mistakes can be really hard to swallow because they waste your valuable time and money.  In this episode, we’ll talk about the second set of 6 design mistakes that you might be making AND what to do instead so your home looks its best.  So let’s go through the list and see how your home’s doing.  Are you ready?  Let’s do this!

What to listen for in this episode:

  • How size matters and what going small does to your design
  • Why themed rooms are a problem and how to fix them
  • The critical first step often missed with our home design.  It may not be the fun part, but skipping it leads to problems down the road
  • The design trend that went WAY too far and has run it’s course
  • What lighting you need to consider for your home
  • How your age and your home design levels should coordinate

Links and images:

Mentioned in this podcast were: my large office chandelier, over-themed house in Palm Springs, a coastal room done right, my client’s larger kitchen pendants, and how to use blue painter’s tape to avoid decorating small.  

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Kichler kitchen pendants

Learn how to style a bookcase-Nestorations, Sally Soricelli
large chandelier
large chandelier
This chandelier from Currey and Company is 32" high and 25" wide. It seemed large but was perfect for my office.

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BELOW: Going too far (and in the wrong direction) with a theme.  There were even more photos of things with palm trees on them (if you can believe it;)

Kitchen Before and After
Notice the much bigger lights over the island on this kitchen refresh.
Coastal themed room done well
A coastal room that isn't themed or overly done.
Use Painters tape to map out art
Painter's tape to lay out furniture
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