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Have Questions?

I’ve got you covered.

No worries!  Working with a designer shouldn’t be intimidating and certainly won’t be with me.  I’m east coast organized and west coast laid back.  We’ll tackle this journey together and I’ll be here to guide you through the whole process.

This process is all about YOU!  This is your home, your space.  My goal is to make the best design to fit your style.  We’ll take lots of time making sure we are on the right path to your ultimate design.  In the end you’ll love it!

I offer three services to accommodate all your design needs.  Full-Service interior design is best for those who want a high-end design service with custom features, furnishings and details with designer finishes.  Designer for a Day is the best service for DIYers who are ready for working session filled with action-packed design time with me.  An interior design consultation is the best way to get the guidance and answers you need to help you solve design problems.  

I specialize in residential design. Whether it’s a living/family room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bath, or office you can rest easy knowing I can handle any room you need help with. 

Yes-you’re talking my love language here!   As a self-proclaimed fabric junkie, window treatments are one of my favs and I love finding gorgeous one-of-a-kind fabrics for every project.  I also can provide other window coverings such as wood shutters as well as blinds and shades with or without motorization.

It really depends on the service you choose and the scope of your project.  With Full-Service we might be planning custom built-in bookcases, remodeling a kitchen, ordering window coverings or waiting on a custom sofa to be made. All those things take longer and add time to a project but make the end result really spectacular.  Most Full-Service projects take a minimum of 3 months.  

Designer for a Day takes just one day.  It’s my quick-service best for active DIYers.  

We can figure that out during your design consultation.  It’s definitely ideal to have an idea of your overall budget before we begin so I can create the best design for you.  Knowing your budget helps me source perfect pieces for you that are actually in your budget rather than finding something you’ll love that will break the bank (trust me it can happen if we haven’t established a budget for your project).  My goal is to give you the best design for YOUR budget.  No matter the size I can always create something you’ll love. 

Before our consultation I’ll send you a detailed design questionnaire to complete to prepare us for our first meeting.  The more time and thought you put into that the better!  We usually cover a lot of ground during a consultation so have your questions ready and we’ll work through as much as we can during our time together.  

And don’t worry about your house being a mess during a consultation (yes…everyone does!).  If your home’s interior was perfect and beautiful already I wouldn’t be coming over in the first place.  You might see a mess…but I see the potential of a beautiful room.

Nope. But, you’ll likely want to.  The perks of working with a designer is access to “trade-only” pieces that I can buy for you.  Sometimes you can buy these online yourself but usually you’ll end up paying much more than by using my designer pricing and discounts.  

I like to mix things up quite a bit to give that custom look for each design I create.  I have a lot of favorite trade-only vendors that I use often because I know their products and trust the quality.  And I also work hard to stay up to date and see what pieces and styles are offered in stores so my clients can get a space perfect for them.

I’m for sure “earthy-crunchy” in my personal life so I definitely try to source the most eco-friendly products when available. While interior design isn’t always known as the most earth-friendly industry you can rest easy knowing we will work to find the most earth-friendly options for your project.  Green design is softer on our environment and by using vendors who sustainably source materials or by purchasing local products we can feel good about our home’s designs.   

I offer three different services to accommodate all client’s budgets: Full-Service, Designer for a Day, and a design consultation.  

Design consultations cost $297. 

Designer for a Day is $1397.

Full-Service costs can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your project and whether we are doing carpentry, electrical work, custom window coverings, etc..  My services are fee-based and start at $6497 for one room.  I’ll determine your project design fee after we discuss your project. 

I accept all major credit cards to make payments easier for clients.  Who doesn’t love to use our credit cards to earn points for travel or other fun things?

Absolutely!  Although I only take on a select number of clients at one time because I truly want to give each project my full attention to create the best design possible for every client.  I do have a running wait list for new clients to reserve their spot when there is a new opening.  If you do end up on the wait list, take that time to prepare, fill out my design questionnaire and really start thinking about your design wish list.  Then, when a spot opens up we’ll be ready to dive right in! 

Definitely!  Over years I’ve built relationships with contractors that I trust to deliver great service and treat your home with the respect it deserves.  If you happen to have your own preferred and trusted contractors I’m more than happy to work with them for your project.  

Absolutely!  Many clients have second or multiple homes that need some design love and prefer the help of their trusted designer. We can coordinate travel arrangements and then create the perfect design for your vacation home or rental property.  

Which interior design service is right for you?


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The most popular and premium, luxury design service.  This is also the most collaborative option that gives your home a completely custom look.  
Design. Simplified.

Designer for a Day

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My budget-friendly design option that’s perfect for DIYers.  It’s an action-packed, working meeting to solve your design problems and help you design a room in a day. 
Design. On Your Time.

Design Consultation

Image of Desktop with Flowers-Nestorations
The first step in the design process.  We’ll meet and make sure that we’re a good match to work together and give you the answers and guidance you need.  
Design. Begin the Process.
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I promise...not too much, not too little...but just the right amount of design love.