Is your home or rental property boring?  Or does it stand out from the crowd and make an impression?  So let’s talk about how to make your home and/or your investment property get the attention it deserves.  It’s time to say no to boring homes…for good!

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These three easy tips will work for both your home and/or your rental property.  Good design is important for both options.

Make Your Home Stand Out with a Curated Color Palette

The first design tip to make your home or rental property stand out is to have a color palette.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it:  a color palette makes your home look more put together and well-designed.  And creating and using a color palette isn’t hard to do.  

If you aren’t sure what a color palette is, be sure to check out the link above to a whole episode all about color palettes. But the gist is that a color palette consists of the 3 main colors used throughout your home or property.  You see them consistently from room to room.  A color palette creates consistency and flow in your home so, as I like to say, your rooms talk to each other.  

Each room can have it’s own personality, but all your rooms visually flow and connect to the next room. 

A color palette makes decorating easy because once you’ve defined your three colors, you use them throughout your whole house.  You don’t have to stress about what colors to use because you’ve chosen them and used them all over.  And just to be clear, I want you to have some variety with your colors and use different shades of each color. For example, in my home, my color palette is white, beige and blue.  To keep it interesting and from looking flat, I used varying shades of each of those colors.  With my blues, I might have a navy, a spa blue, a stony blue, etc.  You need that variation or else your home or rental property can look flat. 

Whether it’s your home or rental property a color palette gives your home a comforting, relaxing vibes (like hotel resort vibes).  This is especially important in open concept homes because everything is so open and you see multiple spaces at the same time.  

With an investment property like a short term rental or a medium term (min 30 day rental) you can have a little fun here and not play so safe.  You want your property to stand out from a sea of properties so your color palette can be a little bolder.  Purples, bright greens, yellows, etc.  We may not want that day in and day out in our own homes, but on vacation it’s fun to have those options.  

Make Your Home or Rental Property Memorable

Whether you’re designing your primary home or your rental property/investment I think you want to have a stand-out feature.  Something to make it memorable.  This is especially true for a rental property. The sheer number of listing on Airbnb or VRBO are pretty massive. You need to do what you can to make your home stand out.  OR you could be faced with vacancies that drain your bank account. 

So what can you do to make your property “scroll-stopping” and memorable?

    • Add a large statement piece of art
    • Add an interesting wood focal wall with moldings. You can paint it white, or really stand out with a bolder color.
    • You could add fun, funky furniture like a hanging chair, an interesting oversized sofa or chair

I think of design like a magic illusions or what I call, smoke and mirrors.  If you include an interesting or unique feature it often distracts us from other parts of the room. Invest or splurge on something that makes a statement and save on other parts of the room.  Everyone will be so busy noticing the unique feature that they won’t be focused on the other parts of the room.  The splurge will elevate everything else around it and make it look high end.  Try this little trick and see how it changes everything else in your room.

Don't Forget to Add Curb Appeal

Set the tone right from the beginning with good curb appeal. A well-designed and maintained entrance, walkway, and yard immediately shows that you care about your property and maintain it.  

Add a bright colored door, or something bold like blue or black.  Make sure your light fixtures are updated, and clear house numbers.  You could even mount them on a larger board or surface to make them stand out. 

Bonus Tips

If this is your investment property/rental property then definitely use a good interior photographer.  You phone camera is not enough here.  You want your property to stand out from a sea of properties, so put in the effort and get good photographs taken.  

Also, welcome your guests with a welcome table and a packet sharing helpful information.  That attention to detail and extra effort makes a big difference and can lead to better reviews, recommendations, and repeat business.

In your welcome packet include:

  • Recommended local restaurants
  • Lists of local attractions (maybe some guest passes if you feel it’s appropriate and in the budget)
  • Lists of local amenities and shopping

It also is fun to name your property to make it memorable.  Maybe there’s a special feature in the home and you can create a name with that feature in mind.  Have the name of your property on a special sign at your welcome console table. 

And last, have some extra items in your home that guests and vacationers might appreciate like kids games, high chairs (check safety regulations) rollaway beds, etc. 

How to work with me or learn from me

If your property isn’t booking enough or you’re struggling with design, then reach out to me to set up a design consultation.  I’ll help make sure you’re getting started on the right foot and give you advice to make your property stand out.  


Or if you’re more of a DIYER, my online program, Room Design Essentials, is right up your alley. It teaches you the A-Z of designing a space quickly so you can design and decorate with confidence.  It works for both homeowners and real estate investors.  And I’m in the process of revamping this to give you even faster and better results.  

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