Have you ever felt stuck making a decision for your home or rental property? You can’t decide what direction to take, or what to buy, and you keep thinking about it, but days have passed and you still haven’t done anything or moved forward? If yes, then analysis paralysis might be the problem and I want you to keep listening to know what to do about it. 

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We’re diving all in on that nasty analysis paralysis and how to help you get out of it.

This is something I deal with my design clients and students all the time.  It’s rare not to have a client, student,  or real estate investor get stuck in analysis paralysis.  It’s why they contacted me in the first place. They’re stuck and need to get unstuck.  And if you’re here you might feel that way, too.

What is Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis is when you overthink a problem and can’t make a decision.  The problem in this context is our home’s design whether that’s your home, your primary residence, or your rental property.

You feel stuck.

You stew over what to do and what options are best.

You worry or stress over every detail.

Think of that famous idiom-You can’t see the forest for the trees.  Although I prefer to say (and have clearly been saying this wrong for years because I say (through the trees) because in my mind-you’re stuck looking at that one tree and can’t see through or past it at the whole forest.  

Analysis paralysis happens ALL the time.  Fixating on every minor detail, and thinking does this wood tone match that okay, does this work with this.  Yet, when you see everything together in a space it all flows together.  

Consequences of Analysis Paralysis

There are some definite consequences to having or being in analysis paralysis.  Such as: embarrassment, frustration, feeling blah and unhappy at home.  Our homes actually impact our moods and how we show up for those around us.  I wrote a post about this which you can read here.

If you’re a real estate investor having analysis paralysis designing your space the consequence is lost money and revenue in your pocket.  Ouch.  You could have delays with contractors $$$$ (no materials on site, indecision) which leads to a delay in hitting the market and maybe even missing it. 

But if you choose bad materials or the design doesn’t look good-your home is also going to sit on the market for a while, losing you money. 

So the stakes are higher with real estate investors.

But I have something to share with you. You CAN’T please everybody.  It’s never going to happen. The world doesn’t collectively have the same taste.  BUT, having a well-designed space will get your property moving faster.  

How to Get Out of Analysis Paralysis

If you’re spinning and feeling stuck with your home or rental property’s design there are things you can do to help you get out of analysis paralysis.  

  1. Recognize it, acknowledge it.  Identify why you’re in it
  2. Know your goals
    1. Homeowners-what type of feeling do you want in your space: peaceful, calm space, organized space, coastal space
    2. Real estate investors-Are your ideal clients families, traveling professionals, long-term rentals, MTR (medium term) or short terms, Airbnb?  
    3. All have different design strategies to maximize your property
  3. Create a deadline
  4. Take a break
  5. Narrow down your choices
  6. Put your blinders on.  Too much info is overwhelming
  7. ASK for help and finally stop the cycle of analysis paralysis

The fastest way to move out of analysis paralysis is to work with an interior designer. As a homeowner who is also a real estate investor, I know and straddle both worlds. They each have their own unique circumstances and I can get you out of your frustration quickly.

If you’re thinking…I don’t have the money to do that.  Then know that there are more affordable ways to work with me. 

Other ways to get my help and work with me

If hiring me for full-service design isn’t in your budget,  I have courses, and trainings like:

Room Design Essentials which teaches you the A-Z of designing a space quickly so you can design and decorate with confidence.  It works for both homeowners and real estate investors.  And I’m in the process of revamping this and making it more effective than ever so it gives you faster and even better results.

Kitchen Refresh 101 teaches you how to update and refresh your kitchen yourself.  You’ll walk away with the processes, order of operations, ideas and inspiration to make your kitchen stand out.

And I’ll be launching something new called Accelerated this year to work with me 1:1.

To get on the waitlist and learn more go to: https://nestorations.com/waitlist

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