12 of the best home design tips for 2021

Does your home leave you feeling stressed, rather than the peace you crave?  At the end of the day, you just want to feel good about your home.  It’s really that simple.  And after the last year we’ve had with all the extra time we’re spending at home, it’s more important than ever to love your space.  

But maybe you’re unsure or even a little overwhelmed at the thought of updating your home.  Well, the good news is that with a few simple designer tips and tricks, you can create a home you’ll love…without breaking your budget.  So whether you’re a DIYer, or someone who’d rather hire, let’s dive into twelve of my favorite decorating and interior design tips for 2021.

Start with a clean slate

Get your Marie Kondo on and declutter, declutter, declutter.  Be ruthless.  A cluttered space feels stressful (and we’ve all had enough stress this past year).  Figure out what you want to keep, donate, sell, or toss so you can start your home design with a fresh, clean slate.

Interior Design Idea-Declutter Your Home for a Clean Slate

Set the tone at your front door

The first thing guests see when they walk in your home is your front door and foyer.  Does yours make a good first impression?  Refreshing the paint color on your front door and adding a new seasonal wreath is a great way to spruce things up and welcome friends.  Once in your foyer, think about adding a pretty console table, art and lighting to keep it light and bright and set the tone for your home.

Refresh your paint

Change up the paint colors in your home.  To keep a cohesive look and a smooth transition between rooms pick two-three colors and use them throughout your home.  Pick a light, neutral color you love and let the accents take center stage.  For help on choosing paint colors check out this blog post.  Pro tip: Before committing to a color, paint a few large squares on different walls and observe it in different lights and times of day to be sure you like it.

Interior and home design tips you need for 2021

Bigger is (usually) better

Get major design brownie points by choosing larger pieces for your home.  Large pieces fill the space and make a dramatic statement.  It can be scary to leave those small, safe pieces at the store, but know that including a big piece of art, a grand chandelier, an oversized sofa, or even a group of tall vases will make a big impact. The takeaway here…go BIG or go home with your purchases.  

Follow the Rule of Three

Follow the “Rule of Three” when accessorizing your home.  Things grouped in threes are more natural, visually appealing, and more interesting.  Odd numbers actually challenge our brains so we’re naturally drawn to them. Be sure to include accessories at different heights so your eyes have different places to look. 

Remember 60/30/10

It’s hard to go wrong with the numbers 60/30/10.  When choosing a color scheme for your home or room stick with three colors. It’s more complementary and soothing on our eyes.  The first color is your dominant color (60%), the second color is still prominent, but not as much as the main color (30%). The third color is your accent color that you’ll use sparingly or sprinkled here and there (10%).  

Bring in wood for a WOW factor

Make a big impact with a wood focal wall or wood paneling.  A custom focal wall adds instant character, drama, and texture in your home.  It may look expensive and high-end but you can DIY with inexpensive materials and tools. When you paint it, go classic with white to keep it light and bright (my choice), or you can go bold with a dramatic accent color. 

Add simple drapery panels

Hang simple drapery panels for a designer look.  Drapery panels frame your windows while adding softness and texture to your room.  They give your room that finished feel that ties the whole space together.  Be sure to hang your panels close to the ceiling (and not right above your window frames) to make your room look taller.

Update your throw pillows

Add new throw pillows to your sofa or sectional. Throw pillows change up the look and feel of your room without breaking the budget.  Try to break away from “safe solids” by adding fabrics with different patterns.  Choosing fabric patterns that share a common color is a safe way to know that the patterns will work well together.  

Mirrors add light

Mirrors are an easy way to brighten up a dark space in a room.  If you have a dark corner or wall in your home consider adding a mirror to reflect the light and lighten up the space. Keep the mirror frame simple for a timeless look. 

Welcome wallpaper

Add wallpaper for added drama.  You can go bold with one whole wall or room, or add it to the back of bookshelves and cabinets for a fun contrast and updated look.  You can even add it to the ceiling for extra drama.  If you’re nervous to commit, you can use a temporary wallpaper from companies like Tempaper. 

Add wallpaper to update your home and make your room stand out
Add wallpaper to the back of your bookcase to add texture and drama

Make a plan

Finally, the last interior design tip is to make a plan for your home’s design.  You wouldn’t go on a road trip without a plan.  You’d know your end destination, have GPS set up, and know where your stops are along the way, right?  But when it comes to our homes we often rush in making impulse purchases before thinking everything through which leads to expensive design mistakes.  So be sure to check Pinterest, catalogs, or magazines to see what styles you like first before you click “add to cart.”

Conclusion-Final thoughts on these interior design tips...

Remember to have fun with these interior design tips.  Let 2021 be the year you finally fall in love with your home.  You deserve it!  

12 home design ideas you must try this year
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