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But wondering where to start? With all the decisions to make, it can feel overwhelming. So we often end up doing nothing. But, this Starter Kit will get you into action.

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Most struggling homeowners make the mistake of buying things impulsively to fill the holes in their homes. And while it might feel like a quick fix, it doesn't work in the long run and you'll end up wasting time and money. you decide to start, get overwhelmed by the decisions, and then put it off for later. The cycle repeats month after month leaving you with a home that hasn't changed in years.

At the end of the day, do you want a well-designed, put-together home? This guide is the first step to help you do that. You’ll follow part of the same process I take my high-end design clients through that gives them Pin-worthy, award-winning results.

It's simple to start when you take the first step.

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