Mixing patterns is a fun and easy way to create that custom, designer-made look in your home. Learn the do's and don'ts to mixing patterns.

If you want to give your home that truly custom look you need to mix things up a bit.  By adding some patterns (even some bold ones!) you can take your home design from boring to designer in no time at all.  

Does the thought of straying from all those comfortable solids make you nervous??? There are no strict rules on patterns, but if you follow some quick pattern tips below you can refresh your look and step up your home’s design.  I love to mix things up with patterns on draperies, pillows or even an accent chair.  Try to have fun with it and don’t be afraid to take a few risks!  

Blue fabric samples


Start Small

Start with something simple and small like throw pillows or a throw to get you used to having patterns in your home. It's also easy to change out if you get tired of the pattern.

Connect Color

One way to safely add multiple patterns is making sure all the patterns share a common color. The common color will connect each of the patterns so they work together visually.

Size Matters

Mix up the size and scale of your patterns to get the best look. If all the patterns are a similar size it will look "off". The pattern sizes need to vary.


"Kinda Like" a Pattern

A pattern can make a bold statement-especially on draperies or furniture. Make sure you love it or you may get sick of it sooner and want to change it out for something else.

Play it Totally Safe

Don't be afraid to mix up pattern styles. I know patterns can seem scary...but go ahead and mix up that geometric style with a modern floral. If the colors are harmonious they will tie in perfectly together.

Overthink Things

Try not to overthink if the patterns you picked go together. As long as you have a common color and mix up the pattern size you should be good to go!

Are you ready to shake things up and play with patterns?  

Gray fabric samples with various patterns
Gray fabric samples
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