Do you ever wonder why your home’s design isn’t working?  You watch the home shows and follow the designers on Instagram and scroll Pinterest pinning away, but when you try to put a room together it doesn’t work the way you hoped it would.  Why aren’t you getting the results you want in your home’s design?  Keep reading (or listen above) to find out why.

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What NOT Getting Results Looks Like

Your home doesn’t make you feel good when you walk in the door each day. It makes you feel stressed or you might even be a little embarrassed when neighbors come over.  Or it could look like that you’ve tried to put things together. But you know something feels off. It doesn’t look right, but you’re not exactly sure what it is. And if you’re a real estate investor, you have an Airbnb or a medium term rental, not getting results looks like you’re not getting bookings. You have your property there. It’s listed on all the sites, but the bookings just aren’t coming.

Reason #1 Why You Aren't Getting Results In Your Home

The first reason that you are not getting results in your home is that you are rushing things. I get it, you want results. We’re living in an Amazon Prime, next-day delivery world. And that has skewed our view of the design process.  What do we do when we want results quickly? We impulse shop.  We see things on Instagram or online and clickadd to cart” without much thought behind it. But the problem is that you’re buying without intention. You’re buying without purpose. You don’t know if what you just spent your money on will even fit your space properly, work with what you already have, or complement and work with your home and your own unique design style. Everybody has a unique design style and I want you to think if what you’re buying complements your unique design style. The truth is that you need to slow down to speed up.

Then, we get frustrated when we don’t feel good about our homes because our environments impact how we feel.  But, impulse shopping and rushing to fill the holes in our homes isn’t going to help you get the results you want. We want to shop with intention.

Reason #2 You Aren't Getting Results In Your Home

The second reason that you’re not getting the results you want in your home or investment property is that you don’t or didn’t have a vision or direction when you started. This ties in a bit with slowing down to speed up.

Now think if you were going on a road trip, you’d likely have a plan mapped out.  Where you’re stopping for gas and snacks (all road trips need good snacks, right?;) and where you’re staying overnight.  You likely don’t just get in your car and start driving without a plan, right?

But, why do we do that with our homes all the time?  We start moving forward WITHOUT a plan.  Without a vision or direction you’re not going to get the results that you want and you’ll end up frustrated over and over. 

Make a Plan to Get Results

Like Stephen Covey says in the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, you have to start with the end in mind. And when it comes to interior design, the end in mind is having a vision or direction about what your goals are for your home. What are you hoping it looks like? How are you hoping it makes you feel? Do you want it to make you feel warm and cozy? Or, maybe you want it to look bold and daring? Do you want it to feel whimsical and carefree? These are things you need to have in mind.

But you need to have a vision or direction.  And because we want results fast, we often skip this important step. And that’s why my students and clients become frustrated and seek me out.  They have tried and tried just going at it with no direction and it didn’t get them the results they wanted. Which led to lots of wasted time and money.  That’s why we work through this and create a solid plan with my one-on-one clients and with my Room Design Essentials students.

Reason #3 You Aren't Getting Results in Your Home

Last, the third reason that you are not getting results in your home is that you don’t have flow in your home and your rooms don’t connect. When our rooms don’t connect or feel connected. Things feel disjointed. I like to say with my clients and my students that all of the rooms in your home should “talk to each other” in a well designed home. Spaces should flow from room to room. We want our eyes to naturally move from space to space to space and feel calm and connected. It’s soothing on our eyes, and our brains process spaces that flow and feel a part of a whole. I talk a lot about creating flow and having our rooms connect with my students in Room Design Essentials or my clients. It’s really about creating that flow and having those spaces connect that creates a very well designed put together home and a cohesive space.

Learn how to design your home from start to finish with Room Design Essentials

I have good news for you if these are areas that you’re struggling with, and you want to do something about it.  I’m opening the doors to Room Design Essentials very soon. Room Design Essentials gives you the step-by-step process to design and decorate your room and home from start to finish. You’ll get all the design tips and guidance to get the results that you want in your home or investment property. And if that is something you know you’re ready for, and you’re not ready for full service design (which comes at a much higher investment) but you still want to work with an interior designer and get professional guidance than room Design Essentials is 100% for you.

Head over to nestorations.com/waitlist to get first access when the doors to Room Design Essentials are open.  The results other students are getting speak for themselves and I want those same results for you. 

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