Update your dated kitchen with a kitchen refresh

Do you think you have to gut and tear out your whole kitchen to make some big changes?  Think again.  Kitchen refreshes are a smart (and practical) way to update and transform your dated kitchen without as much stress, construction, or costs that you’d have with a full kitchen remodel.

By making a few simple upgrades in your kitchen, you can make some exciting changes that’ll have your friends and neighbors green with envy.   

What to listen for in this episode:

  • What is a kitchen refresh
  • What are the 5 levels or options you can include in your kitchen refresh
  • What contractors do you need to hire
  • Flooring…should you change it or not 
  • How to choose between a kitchen refresh and kitchen remodel
  • How much does a kitchen refresh cost
  • Kitchen Refresh 101-Everything you need to plan and complete your kitchen refresh

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Kitchen Refresh 101 Waitlist –Sign up to be the first to know when I teach this amazing DIY class again. 

Blog post:  Kitchen Refresh vs Remodel

To hire me for your kitchen refresh, book a free discovery call to talk about your project. 

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Kitchen Refresh Examples

You can transform your kitchen like my clients did with a kitchen refresh. 

Kitchen Refresh
Kitchen Refresh

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