Before you start updating any room in your home, you need to ask, and answer some specific questions. And the answers to these questions will guide your entire design and process. So, if you want a well-designed home and plan to update your home this year then be sure to listen to this whole episode above or read through this whole post.  Are you ready?

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Before we get started I wanted you to download the newly updated (and FREE) guide that goes with  this post:  The Design Starter Kit.  It’ll help you with these 5 questions and get you into action. 

Why Answer These Questions?

Think of design like a road trip.  You likely wouldn’t go on a road trip without making a plan first, right?  You’d plan out where you’re going-your end destination, and where you’re stopping for gas and snacks.  

But, so often we forget to do this with our own homes. Especially when we’re doing it ourselves.  We don’t know where we’re going-what we want the end result to be.  We didn’t have a plan. 

And plans help us because they lead us closer to what we actually want.  

This questions are helping you make a plan because they’ll help you get from where your room is now, to the end results you’re waiting for.  

Question #1: What Room or Space Do You Want to Work On?

This sounds like a silly or simple question, but you’d be surprised how often people aren’t fully sure.  And that’s usually because there are several areas in your home that you want to update and so you think about all of them.

But, really it’s best to focus on ONE area at a time.  Why?  Because it can be overwhelming shopping for multiple rooms at once.  

If there are multiple spaces in your home, choose one and write it down. Usually rooms with the most activity or visibility are good places to start.

Question #2: What Do You Love About the Space?

What IS currently working for you?

This question is important because you’re looking at your space more critically and evaluating it.  And if you’re really frustrated with your space, then you might not think you have anything good to say, but trust me…there has to be something.

  1. Do you like the lighting, or how much sun you get? 
  2. Do you like the flooring or the color? 
  3. Or, do you like where it is in your home or how you use the space?  

Write down everything you like about the room you want to update.

5 Questions

Question #3: What’s Your Main Frustration About the Space?

What ISN’T working for you in your home?  Now you get to unleash all your frustrations. Make sure to list out everything (and I mean everything) you don’t like.  

Why are these two questions “What you like and what you don’t like” so important?

Well, they get you thinking about solutions and what problems you actually need to shop for in your home.  

For example, if you said you don’t like how dark your space is.  Then, you know you have to find more or better lighting.  

Another example is if you said you don’t like how the sunlight comes in and hits your TV. Well, you know you need to consider window covering solutions.  

Or if it’s a lack of cohesiveness with your whole home, then you need to incorporate design principles like repetition in your home.  Or bring in a color palette.

Question #4: What Mood or Vibe Do You Want to Create in Your Home?

Now it’s time to think about what mood or feeling you want your home to give you. What’s the vibe that you want to send?

  • Do you want a cozy and casual home?
  • Or maybe an elegant and formal home?
  • A bright and cheery space?
  • A soothing, calm home?
  • Or a bold, dramatic space? 

This question will help you get direction about what to do moving ahead.

Question #5: What Colors Do You Want to Include in Your Room?

For this question I want you to think about the colors you like as well as ones you dislike and want to avoid. It also helps to think if you like warm tones like beige and browns or cooler tones like gray,

When you have an idea of your color direction it’ll help you shop for things in those colors and not get distracted by things that aren’t. Forexample. the color palette in my home is browns,whites and blues.  Pretty much everything in my home has vary shades of this. I love that kit keeps things simple and easy to shop for since everything I shop for needs to falll within those color palettes. 

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Bonus Question: How do you use the space currently?

And how do you want to use the space moving forward?

If you want to have a cozy family friendly room for watching movies and games, then you’ll want to include performance fabrics for durability and furniture that can meet those needs. Or, if you want a relaxing space for sleeping and reading, then you’ll want to be sure furniture and colors work for those activities.

Think carefullly about how you plan to use your space so you can make smart decisions when picking out materials for the space. 

Final Thoughts...

Alright, like I said these are just some of the questions I ask clients in their design consultation, and that I ask students in my Room Design Esstentials program.  There are about 20 total questoins that really help us hone in and give us clarity and direction.  

If you haven’t done this yet, make sure to download the FREE Design Starter Kit to help you take action.  Or, if you’re reay for a design consultation, then make sure to reach out to book one.  It’s a small investment to more sure you’re on the right path with you design. 

Have an amazing day!

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