Designers don’t just design beautiful spaces that are pretty to look at. 

Designers solve problems. 

Have you ever bought something you loved for your house and brought it home only to realize that it just didn’t work?  Maybe it was the wrong size, or  the color was way off and it didn’t look like you thought it would, or you just didn’t like it? 

Did you immediately regret your purchase?  If you’re lucky, you can return it.  But if you can’t return it or it was something more permanent like installed tile  then not only did you waste your time, but you also wasted hard-earned money.

If you hire an interior designer before you start any home decorating  or remodel project you can actually avoid a lot of expensive mistakes, feel confident moving forward, and save time and money in the process. 

In this episode you’ll learn why (and when) you should hire an interior designer for the job.  

So BEFORE you start demo on your house, or pull out your credit card to buy something new, listen to this episode first.

What to listen for in this episode:

  • How a designer helps your wallet
  • How a designer saves you time
  • Designer resources and discounts
  • When to hire an interior designer
  • When not to hire an interior designer
  • What type of projects need an interior designer

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