Why talking about your budget with your interior designer is one of the most important conversations you should be having with your designer.

I’ve sent out countless design consultations to clients over the years and there is one question that is often left blank… “What’s your budget for the project?”

I get it…does anybody really love talking about money? Maybe not, but I guarantee it’s one of the most important conversations you should be having with your interior designer right from the start.  

What’s the big deal about budgets?

Your budget dictates the entire design and what we can and can’t do for your project.  As a designer I love (and I mean love) to make my clients happy and give them everything they want in a design.  BUT, the truth is there is a cost for everything and those line items can add up pretty quickly in design.  If I know your budget we can figure out what you realistically can get for your money. Sometimes things need to happen in phases or I can try to find reasonable substitutes so you can get everything you want.  A good designer can work within your price ranges but an open and honest talk about your budget keeps the design process moving forward without additional delays.

#1 Reason Why I Want to Know Your Budget...

If I know your budget I will look for the perfect pieces for you WITHIN your budget.  I have countless trade resources to suit different price ranges.  But, truthfully some of the higher end companies cost more due to better materials, construction and styles.  Without knowing your budget I may find something you absolutely LOVE that’s out of your price range, leaving you disappointed.  And once you’ve seen the higher priced item it might be hard to “unsee” it when comparing it to other options.  

Ultimately, designers want to deliver and make their clients happy.  Having a talk about budget expectations up front goes a long way and is definitely a conversation worth having.  

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Sally Soricelli