How can you use wallpaper in your home? Learn how you can use wallpaper in your home to make it stand out.

Wallpaper has never been better and has taken on a new life in a major way!  Gone are the days of dated floral borders along the ceiling that coordinate with the wallpaper below.  Nowadays, when I think of wallpaper the first words that come to my mind are:

  • Stunning
  • Dynamic
  • Fun
  • Sexy
  • Beautiful

How do I like to use wallpaper in a room?

I love to use wallpaper to create a focal wall in a room.  In a bedroom behind the bed is a great spot to showcase some beautiful paper.  It makes a statement and sets the tone in the room. You can go bold with patterns or keep it soft and neutral with a simple texture.

Coastal chic bedroom blue and white patterned wallpaper behind a bed. Nestorations.

Add some drama to your built-in bookcase

A custom bookcase lined with wallpaper…ooohhh…BE STILL MY HEART!  The contrast of a subtle paper in a bookcase really creates some much needed visual interest in a room.  When designing spaces for my clients, I often recommend lining the back walls of a bookcase or custom built-in with wallpaper.  Not only does it break up the boringness of a solid color space, but it brings in some texture to soften the bookcase and also can highlight the accessories you place on the shelves.   

Room design inspiration. Custom white bookcase lined with crystal beaded wallpaper. The frosted crystal beads on the chandelier add a subtle glam to this home office. By Sally Soricelli. Nestorations.

This is a photo from my own home office.  I have a very large bookcase with shelving above and I lined the whole top of the bookcase in a subtle but GORGEOUS crystal beaded wallpaper.  It is something I absolutely love to this day and since I kept it neutral I don’t see myself getting tired of it anytime soon. It’s the perfect contrast to my white accessories (you know I’m a girl who loves white accessories).  It broke up what would have been a giant white wall in my office that would be too overbearing.  But now, it’s soft and lovely with just a little touch of sparkle.  I truly love spending hours in my office each day…wouldn’t you?

Here’s a collection of gorgeous papers that you can use in your home.  Do you have any favorites?

Patterned wallpaper samples. Great option for accent walls and bathrooms.
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