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Do you have any awkward spaces in your home?  And if you do, are you kinda stuck with what to do about them?  If you have an awkward space in your home, then you don’t want to miss this episode.   So, read below or listen above to help you solve those tricky awkward space dilemmas. 

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Do You Have an Awkward Space in Your Home?

Have you ever seen an awkward space in a home and thought “what the heck was the builder thinking?   Awkward spaces are difficult to design around and are a reason that clients and students reach out to me.  Maybe you have an awkward area in your home that you aren’t sure what to do with.  

And if you have one of those difficult spaces, you need to figure out what to do about them so they look intentional and NOT like a mistake you’re trying to cover up and hide.  

Now, in full honesty here…some awkward spaces are easier to solve than others. But the point is to do your best to make the area work with the rest of your home.  

Potential Awkward Spaces

An awkward space is an area in your home that’s tricky to work with and you aren’t sure what to do with it.  These spaces make us feel stuck and we can’t move forward designing our homes around these spaces. 

Examples include:  

    • Alcoves or nooks
    • Long narrow spaces
    • Asymmetrical wall
    • Small walls
    • Tall two-story walls 
    • Angled walls
    • Space above kitchen cabinets
    • Space under the stairs

Turn An Awkward Space into a Functional Space

Often our awkward spaces have the potential to become a functional area that we can actually use.  For example, adding much needed storage, or extra seating.  

Consider adding furniture for storage that’s not only going to fill the space but also add some function.  Including: 

  • Shelves (floating shelves are big right now, but any shelves will do)
  • Bookcases or custom built-ins
  • Bar carts for more storage

Or, add furniture that either fills the space, gives extra seating or adds extra design touches:

  • Accent chairs
  • Benches with decorative pillows
  • Small tables-end tables
  • Pedestals/columns for plants or sculptures
This awkward desk space become a fully functioning walk-through pantry that is used all the time and fits the space so much better.

Decorative Solutions for Awkward Spaces

Some solutions for these tough spaces work best as decorative solutions.  Decorative solutions won’t give you added function or storage, but they’ll make your space look pretty!

If this works best for your space consider adding:

  • Decorative wallpaper
  • A beautiful wood focal wall
  • Plants (real or faux)
  • Art like photos or canvases

Final thoughts...

Awkward spaces don’t have to stop you when designing and decorating your home.  With these tips, learn to embrace these spaces and make the most of them.  Awkward spaces can be an asset if you let them. 

And if you need help with your awkward spaces, a design consulation is the perfect next step to begin your home’s transformation.  Go to to talk about your home.  

Which option do you plan to try?  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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