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Is a home that feels timeless and never goes out of style on your wish list this year? If yes, then know that you’re not alone. Timeless design is classic and beautiful. So how do you create that timeless design that still feels current and fresh over the years? Keep reading or listen above to find out. Let’s get started.

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Stick with Neutrals for a Timeless Design

Neutrals naturally lend to timeless design. So with your bigger furniture pieces that you don’t want to replace as often like your sofas, your dining tables, or your big servers or buffets, go with neutrals.  Neutrals like beiges and greiges, off-whites, browns, or grays will all stand the test of time. These colors are so versatile and go with so many different things.

And if you’re worried about not having any color and you’re thinking, well, I don’t want this whole beige home. Don’t worry because you definitely can add those touches of colors with your accessories and art.  But please let’s skip that bright red sofa and go with something more neutral as the anchor for your timeless space..

Quality Counts with Timeless Design

When it comes to timeless design, a timeless space looks like it was built over time with well-designed quality furniture. Invest in a few neutral-quality furniture pieces that will last and handle the wear and tear of day-to-day use. Everything in the room does not have to be expensive, far from it. But including even one, and ideally a few, quality pieces builds the foundation of your design and adds to the overall look of your home.

High quality items can make a difference.  Maybe you have some special furniture pieces that you inherited from a family member that you could use.  And even if it isn’t in your ideal style, maybe you can modify that piece and make it a more neutral color. For example, you have a hutch from your grandmother or a dining room server from your parents. Could you modify that piece so it’s a little more neutral?  That way you can enjoy it for years because it’s a quality piece that will give a little personality and personalization to your home.

Timeless Interior Tips for your Home

Timeless Design: Be Trendy in Small Scale

Trends in design come and go and I get how we want our homes to feel on trend so they’re current and they’re fresh. Timeless design is always on trend (of course;) but if you want to jump on a new recent trend that you see on social media or Pinterest or a new garden home show, you can do that. Just try to do it on a smaller scale.

That small touch brings that trend into your home, but when that trend is over and has run its course, you can easily swap it out.

No Matching Furniture Sets

I know it might feel like a dagger to the heart because you’re thinking, wait, but it’s so easy to go to the furniture store and just buy the whole set.

I get it. It seems like such an ideal solution because you know that everything will go together. And that could be something that you might have a harder time with. It’s a very common challenge with design. But when you buy all the same pieces from all the same collection, it just makes your room look flat with no personality, which let’s be honest, it just looks kind of boring.

With timeless design we want some layering. We want some variety. We need some different features in our rooms that give us that built-over-time, timeless look.

And if you’re a little nervous mixing different furniture pieces, here’s a little designer tip:  Stay with the same undertones of furniture. And that’ll help you know they work together.

Add Millwork for a Timeless Look

Now you’re talking my love language. I love to add these high-end details because they really elevate the entire look of your home. And if you’re handy, they are very affordable to DIY. But, if you’ve got to hire out to add them, there are costs involved, but they really pay off and add value to your home. Some examples of custom milwork include: custom built-ins, wood focal walls, ceiling details like beams or white tongue and groove shiplap, crown moldings, and base moldings.

These custom home details all give a beautiful extra touch to your home. You have so many options with these, and if you’re not sure what to do, I invite you to look around for images that inspire you. I do have a bunch pinned on my Pinterest page, I have boards of wood moldings and focal walls to help inspire you.

And I’m always adding new photos over time, so keep checking back.

Final Thoughts...

All right, we covered a lot in this post and you still might have some questions. If you do, then I invite you to reach out to me. You can find me on Instagram @nestorations and just send me a DM. We can open up a conversation about this.

If you’d like more help with creating a timeless home, I invite you to book a design consultation.  Simply go to nestorations.com/contact to get on my calendar. I can’t wait to connect with you. 

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