Common Furniture Buying Mistakes

When it comes to buying furniture for your home or investment property, you want to steer clear of mistakes for two big reasons.

First, furniture is a significant investment that can hit your wallet harder. Second, it’s not as easy to switch out compared to smaller items.

I’ll highlight common furniture buying mistakes to help you sidestep them and feel assured in your choices. Tune in to the full podcast episode to catch all the details and insights. Or, you can find some of the key highlights below.

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Furniture Mistake #1: Buying Matching Furniture Sets

One common mistake I often see people make when furnishing their homes is buying matching furniture sets. It might seem like the easiest option, but trust me, it’s not always the best one. Rooms filled with matching sets can end up feeling flat and uninspired.

Let’s talk about some tips for choosing furniture that’ll help you avoid the matching set trap. Instead of going all-in on a matching bedroom set, try mixing it up. Start small by pairing a matching headboard and dresser. Then, add a pair of matching nightstands, but make sure they’re from a completely different set than the headboard and dresser.

For dining rooms, consider mixing and matching your table and chairs or opting for a matching table with different chairs or a server.

In the living room, it’s okay to have a matching sofa and loveseat, but be sure to mix up the rest of the furniture to add personality.

Furniture Mistake #2: Not Buying Durable Furniture

This is a common error, often driven by two factors.

First, it’s easy to fall in love with a piece without considering its longevity. You might prioritize aesthetics over durability, assuming you’ll handle it with care and enjoy it for years. Second, cost can be a factor. Opting for cheap deals from discount stores might seem like a win, but many of these pieces lack durability and wear out quickly, leading to replacements and added expenses down the line.

So, when furnishing your space, aim for quality at the best price point you can manage. After all, investing a little more now means enjoying your furniture for years to come.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Buying Furniture

Furniture Mistake #3: Ignoring Who Will Use the Furniture

It’s essential to consider who will be using your furniture, especially for properties like Airbnbs, mid-term rentals, or homes with kids and pets. Some people are tougher on furniture than others, so considering the users beforehand is vital.

Factors like pets on furniture and kids’ habits significantly impact wear and tear.

Being honest about your lifestyle prevents costly mistakes. If your family is tough on furniture, choose durable materials. For real estate investors, it’s non-negotiable: opt for durable furniture with performance fabrics to withstand guest wear and tear.

Furniture Mistake #4: Buying the Cheapest Furniture

Cheap furniture typically means low-quality fabrics, foams, and finishes. A common red flag? Furniture with cushions on only one side, making it impossible to flip if it gets stained. Look for pieces with reversible cushions to extend their lifespan.

Moreover, cheap furniture usually features non-washable fabrics, making dirt and stains more noticeable. And let’s not overlook the foams—they tend to lose shape and firmness, resulting in sagging and indentations over time.

Final Thoughts...

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